Screen Shot: Quinny (YouTube).

Despite appearances to the contrary, we have it on good authority that many parents aspire to keep their cool fun-loving vibes alive even after making their contribution to the earth's human population. Of course, judging the matter entirely on your dad's dustiest pair of corduroy trousers or your mum's infatuation with Good Morning Britain, there's a chance you might not have considered this. But yes, some parents want to maintain their street cred even after they've made a tiny human (it's true).

Introducing the longboard stroller. It's a stroller, but it's also a longboard. Helloooo! Did the temperature just drop 12 degrees?! It's getting pretty cool in here. This product is brought to you by the folks over at Quinny and, we have to say, it's not a bad little idea. Our only disappointment regarding the video, which you can see below, is that the dad doesn't attempt a kick flip over some less cool parents. That would have been highly entertaining/a total disaster, depending on your point of view.

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