Not content with serving up some of the most memorable video game characters in history, Nintendo have turned their hands to renovating a dishevelled skate park in Corby.

In preparation for the release of Splatoon, an upcoming third-person shooter that's bursting at the seams with colour, Nintendo have officially gone all Changing-Roomsy on us.

Hitting up Adrenaline Alley in Northamptonshire, with some seriously cool skateboarders in tow, they've gone and splattered paint all over the Corby-based skate park. Long story short, they've pretty much used every shade on the rainbow/the Dulux colour wheel.

If you'd like to see some skateboarders riding around the skate park, and being genuinely impressive on a skateboard, check out the video right at the top.

And if you're sitting there and thinking "...dude, I want to see a time lapse of the skate park going through a lovely makeover," well you're in luck. Have a look at the video down below, and enjoy all of its time-lapse-y goodness.