When the locals at the Lagzapi skate park in Madrid, Spain, saw a bunch of OAPs walking towards them, they probably thought they were up for a long and tedious argument about noise, or spitting, or whether it's cool to call a 360 filp a tre flip.

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What they didn't expect was that one of the senior señor's would grab a board, drop into the bowl, ride the tranny harder than they'll ever do, and end his run with a super steezy back flip.

In fact, the locals were so shocked that paramedics were called to surgically remove one 15 year old's jaw from the pavement.

What they didn't know, of course, is that the old fella in question was in fact Spanish pro skater Danny Leon. Taking a leaf out of Jack Mitrani's book, Danny spent a few hours in make up having a full make over that added 60 years to the youthful 21 year old.

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The whole project was a stunt for Spanish comedy show El Hormiguero (The Ant) who, presumably, are also behind the gratuitous use of Dr Dre on the soundtrack.


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