Yesterday, we reported on the video of Oleg Cricket almost riding his bike off the roof of a skyscraper. Needless to say, the footage got quite the reaction on our Facebook page.

With Oleg's death-defying BMX exploits burnt onto our retinas (literally forever), we decided to have a little catch up with the mad Russian's YouTube channel to see what else he'd been doing recently. What we found turned our stomachs inside-out all over again.

Russian Daredevil Oleg Cricket Almost Rides His BMX Off A Skyscraper In YouTube Upload

Keep the rooftop vibe, swap a BMX for a skateboard, throw in some intense parkour stuff and some POV perspectives that'll make you poo your pants, and you've got this video below. The edit was uploaded two weeks ago and, at the time of writing, has had over 800,000 views.

Screenshot: YouTube (via Oleg Cricket).
Screenshot: YouTube (via Oleg Cricket).
Screenshot: YouTube (via Oleg Cricket).

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