Daghenham. Daggers. El Dag. Birthplace of former X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon. Home to a massive great big Ford Factory. And location of (one of) this country's weirdest skateparks. Who knew? 

Following a tip off from @suviveskateboarding, our pals over at Sidewalk made their way to Essex and bagged the place as part of their ongoing, and consistently entertaining, 'Raiders of the Lost Park' series. To say that the lads made the best of a bad soup, would be underselling it. A squadron force consisting of Nick Remon, Toby Gozzett, Taylor Jones, Jono Coote, Rich West, Mark Radden and Scott 'Horsey' Walker flew in and left the place, metaphorically speaking, a smouldering ruin. What we're saying is they torched the place. With fire. Skateboard fire.

Call 999. We're done here.

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