Shaun White has given his strongest indication yet that he will be aiming to represent the USA in skateboarding at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. The 31 year old snowboarder took to Instagram to announce to the world that he was entering numerous skateboard competitions with a view to competing at the Tokyo games in two years time.

“I’ve entered myself in a couple of skateboard competitions this summer.” announced White, while wearing a deeply unfortunate shirt. “I haven’t officially decided to go for the Summer Olympics in 2020 in Japan, but I’m going to go try myself out at these events and see where I stack up with the other skaters, then make the decision.”

Shaun White is, of course, no stranger to competitive skateboarding. He’s taken home X Games gold in Vert in both 2007 and 2011, and remains the only person to have landed a frontside heelflip 540 body varial, which he calls the Armadillo.

"It would probably be the ultimate for me"

Back in February this year, immediately after winning his Olympic halfpipe goldWhite told Mpora “ Honestly I am [thinking of Tokyo] yeah! To go skateboarding in the summer. Just to get to the summer Olympics would be amazing. It’s a big passion of mine."

Now, White has taken to social media to clear a few things up, seemingly regretting not doing so after his relatively paltry showing (by his own standards, at least) at the 2014 games in Sochi.

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“I wanted to take a minute and make this video and explain to everybody my goals for the future,” he said. “After the Sochi Olympics, I didn’t take the time to make a video like this, and everybody thought I’d retired which was really unfortunate and definitely not the case.”

El Blanco also seemed keen to point out that his dream of being the action sports Olympian - a Ginger Steve Redgrave, if you will - did not mean he was done with snowboarding. Far from it.

“I’m definitely not retiring from the sport of snowboarding. I love it too much. I can’t walk away just yet. But in order to pursue this dream of going to the Summer Olympics, I’m going to probably take a lighter snowboarding season next year.”

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