"Equally frustrating. Equalling rewarding," says skater musician Helena Long, when asked to compare the similarities between skateboarding and drumming in this (see above) Sidewalk Sidelines mini documentary released at the end of July.

These words will almost certainly resonate with anyone who has suffered their fair share of frustrating moments getting anywhere near to remotely competent on a skateboard/musical instrument. Worth noting, by the way, that I 100% include myself in that category. 

Shot and edited by Sidewalk's very own Rye Gray the short film explores how Helena, who stems from Greenwich in south-east London, balances her love for skateboarding with her love for music. Sidewalk spent a month or so skating about with Helena in London and Milton Keynes, before grabbing her for a chat and asking her about her time drumming in Upset Stomach, and how she got into skating in the first place (spoiler alert - via a brief foray into trampolining). 

"She’s been a face on the skate scene for a good 15 years, racking up coverage in magazines, in physical videos, on the the internet and entering (and winning) contests since long before the recent explosion in numbers of female skateboarders across both this country and the world," writes Sidewalk Editor Ben Powell, before adding (in the documentary's accompanying piece), "In many ways Helena is somewhat of a pioneer in so far as being a leading figure in the first-wave, (or technically ‘second’ if you include the late 1970’s/early 80’s), of female street skating."

You'll be pleased to know this documentary is the first of a new series from Sidewalk, a documentary that will shine a light on skaters and their complementary passions.

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