"PIXELS! FAKE!" comes the cry when an unbelievable bit of skate footage emerges online, as the hunt for some digital manipulation begins. This one certainly had us scratching our heads.

This incredible looking bluntslide is like nothing else we've ever seen, shot from angles that should be impossible to get. It's the work of Neon Studios, who wanted to create a skate edit that would put the viewer right in the centre of the action.

So is it fake? Well, yes and no, really. Pro skater Danny Brady went along and hit the ledge, but all of the mind blowing close-up shots are completely computer designed. To see how it was done, check the behind the scenes footage, below.

While nothing will replace actual footage of people charging on a board, this could very well represent the future of skating in video games and film, and that can't be a bad thing at all.

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