Have you ever broke your board and assumed it's ruled you out until you get a replacement? This nutty music video goes to show that such deck-based disasters don't have to be a game ender.

All you need is a bit of imagination, a garden rake, and the skills of psychedelic skate cadet, Richie Jackson. If you've not heard of Richie, check him out slaying and looking a bit like Jeff bebe from Almost Famous, here:

The video's the promo video for San Franciscan space rock sorts Moon Duo. In it, Jackson abandons the norms of skateboarding and, instead, takes to rolling around the streets on a computer keyboard, a tea tray, and the roof of a car, among other thing.

The song's available to pre order via iTunes, should you want to use it for the soundtrack to your equally experimental skate videos. And, of course, if you do, send the footage our way...

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