Skateboards pretty much work best on hard, flat surfaces. If you've ever been skating and found that the tarmac has ran out and all of a sudden you're on grass, you'll know it's like somebody has suddenly put the breaks on.

So, when we saw a skate edit from the Sahara Desert, we were a little surprised. You don't need to be a geologist to know that the Sahara is a pretty sandy place. Like, you know, just loads of sand. In fact, it's the largest hot desert in the world (the largest non-hot one being Rochdale).

At 3.6million square miles of unskateable sand, it's maybe not most people's first choice when it comes to somewhere to roll, but that didn't deter pro's Charles Collet, Phil Zwijsen, Samuel Partaix and Joseph Bias.


Rather than moan, they took some huge piece of ply wood and a couple of rails, and set about battling the punishing heat, sunstroke, and unfavourable conditions.

As soon as the ply run-off ran out, the fellas were forced to take a tumble in the sand, but that's probably a welcome break from hard, piss stained concrete that they're no doubt more accustomed to.

So, next time you fancy a skate, but think conditions aren't perfect, take a leaf out of these guys book. A bit of innovation, and even the impossible becomes possible. Granted, they'll be washing sand out of their arses for the next year, but they got to ride, and that's what counts.

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