Watch in shock and horror (or mild glee) as a skateboarder smashes the window of a supercar. Insane, right? Maybe crazy enough for a handful of emojis because, let’s face it, expressing feelings in words is for fucking squares. Hashtag OMG.

The clip has had 881472 views on Instagram thus far and caused a bit of a stir online. I mean, it’s hardly Mike V fighting a bunch of dudes in a car park. It’s not even a young Bam Margera doing, oh, I don’t know, something with a fire extinguisher, his parents, and a box of horse faeces. But alas, even in this desensitised, post happy-slapping age of genuinely shocking online videos, this has gone viral.

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But wait. It’s all a fake. A fraud. A fugazi. Internet bullshit.

The entire thing is a prank, filmed from multiple angles and designed to rack up a tonne of views for a young man who facilitates a superficially opulent lifestyle by being popular online. Now, we’re not here to knock YouTubers. Christ no. If you can make that work for yourself, it’s a hell of a lot better than stacking shelves in a bright green polo shirt for some supermarket who’ve put you on a minimum wage, zero hours contract which you only accepted after the Job Centre insisted you had to do so or you’d have your benefits stopped, despite the fact you were only made redundant from the accountancy firm you worked for two weeks ago.

That said, while this may look like the modern day version of Nero arsing about with his violin while Rome burnt, it’s actually a retelling of the great American novel. Let’s break it down.

It starts with our hero, played by the unlikely child of Jedward and Zach Morris flogging tickets for a tour from his large, empty house. The cavernous echoes, and the superficial shit scattered around the place work as the perfect visual metaphor for narcissistic insecurity.

We swiftly move on to the obligatory jumping off/through/into things in the house, and talking to the 27 other YouTubers that live there which makes this otherwise palatial Californian villa look like one of the weirder versions of the Jungle in Calais from an alternative universe. 

"Onlookers are shocked after seeing an act of random violence"

Five minutes in, we’re driving around in a supercar. I know nothing about cars, but I can’t help but feel that if I asked somebody who does know about cars “does this qualify as a supercar”, they’d smirk before quoting Jeremy Clarkson - a scenario in which nobody wins. Nobody.

Jedward Morris and his pal then drive to a bike shop to buy a skateboard, before realising that a skateboard shop would be a better option, and they get themselves a set-up ready for their skateboarding pal.

Out of nowhere, pink Crocs. Wow.

Almost eight minutes in we meet our prop skateboarder for the video. Within 90 seconds it becomes obvious that this prop skateboarder is as familiar with a seven-ply as a newborn Macaque monkey is with 17th century Russian poets. Simians know nothing of Symeon of Polotsk. Nothing!

Again, pink Crocs.

And then, 12 minutes into this fiasco, it happens. In a performance that involves more wood than an early Annabel Chong video (no, don’t Google it. Please don’t Google it), Symeon of Polotsk pretends to get annoyed by the sound of this overly ostentatious car being revved and hits the windshield with his skateboard.

Onlookers are shocked. Why wouldn't they be? They've just seen, what to them appeared to be, an act of random violence. It reminds them of the genuine of acts of random violence that 24 hours news tells them happen every single minute of every single day, but now it’s happening right in front of them. Horrified, they now feel a part of the narrative perpetuated by the media that society is turning feral.

Only when a stranger threatens to start a genuine not-for-views fight on the street do our team of YouTube heroes reveal that this is all a prank. It’s all for LOLS! Bants, mate. Pure bants. Then things get really indulgent as a bro-fest ensues, with random strangers marvelling at the damage, and the car, and the cameras, and the absolute bloody brilliant bants. BANTS!

Other YouTubers are shocked. Jedward Morris’ mother on Facetime is shocked. The pink Crocs are shocked. And all for what? Amid the smashed windshield and online views, we’re left to ponder whether Gatsby believed it was really all worth it, the remains of his world smouldering.

I hope not, if only because of those pink Crocs.

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