It's a question as old as time itself. How do you appropriately dispose of your old maroon Nissan when you fancy a new car?

If you're former Jackass, Wildboyz, and Germany's Next Topmodel star Steve O, you get a bunch of your skate buddies and ride the shit out of it. Handily for Mr O, his skate buddies include Chris Russell, Jerry Gurney, Mason Merlino, and some dude called Nyjah Huston.

Now, our first reaction was this was just wanton waste. There are plenty of people out there who cold have used a new ride. However, 30 seconds into the video and we were pretty gassed.

Particular highlights are Ryan Simonetti ollieing over the moving car, and when Steve O himself attempts (and eventually succeeds) in wall riding it whilst pro David Loy is driving it. Get that wrong and it's got mangled leg written all over it.



So, if you're reading this Chris Evans, (and we're fairly certain you are), when you take the helm of Top Gear, forget all that caravan bollocks that's gone before. This is the future.

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