In a story that couldn't shout CHRISTMAS any louder, unless the skateboarders were wearing tea towels on their heads and singing Away in a Manger, a skate graffiti crew in Spain have transformed a disused church into a skatepark. And it looks the bomb.

Credit: La Igleseia sKATE

The ultimate Xmas DIY spot was the brainchild of the Church Brigade, who planned to crowdfund the project. Then a street artist from Madrid, Okuda San Miguel, read about the spot online and asked to get involved, he then took over the fundraising. He said the project was "like my personal Sistine Chapel."

Okuda Credit: La Igleseia sKATE
Danny Leon Credit: Luis Vidales/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull did a shoot there with Danny Leon (see above) and here's an interview with Okuda about the project:

H/T The Guardian