The Tony Hawks Pro Skater series of games almost reach legendary status for an entire demographic of people who grew up playing them when it was too wet out to skate (or, as was often the case they were too shit to go out and skate).

So, the news of an all new THPS game being added to the franchise was met with great cheer by couch-skaters young and old. But then footage of the game dropped, and all of a sudden, the internet didn't seem so happy.

But, what do the pro's think of the game? Maybe as a reaction to the somewhat negative online outcry, a bunch of skaters who appear in the game, including Tony Hawk himself, Nyjah Huston, and the internets favourite skateboarder Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki lined up to eulogise about the game.

Are you convinced? Despite the hate from some corners of the internet, we suspect that THPS5 will fly off the shelves when it comes out next month.

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