Vans Downtown Showdown 2011

Saturday 20th August 2011 was the date that held the biggest skate event that the UK has ever seen and it landed in the capital. Old Spitalfields Market in East London was the venue for some of the best skaters in Europe along with over 10,000 spectators and it did not disappoint.

To create the course Vans selected obstacles from Cliché, Superdead and Death Skateboards in recognition of their creative designs, and they were a treat for the skaters as these obstacles were there for one day only!

This is normally the moment where I wax lyrical about who did what and what won whoever something but not this time. The video is so damn good that it can speak for itself and you'll get much more excited by watching it then reading it! Look out for the moves from Danny Brady over Cliché's Tower Bridge obstacle and Chris Pfanner with his trademark F/S melon flip. Vans Downtown Showdown 2011 - Highlights >>


1st - Anti

2nd - Element Europe

3rd - Enjoi

4th - Superdead

Full Results:

Death Skateboards Obstacle 3rd: EUR 500 Danny Brady

Death Skateboards Obstacle 2nd: EUR 800 Ben Raemers

Death Skateboards Obstacle 1st: EUR 1,500 Phil Zwijsen

Cliche Obstacle 3rd: EUR 500 Dallas Rockvam

Cliche Obstacle 2nd: EUR 800 Chris Oliver

Cliche Obstacle 1st: EUR 1,500 Danny Brady

Superdead Obstacle 3rd: EUR 500 Rob Smith

Superdead Obstacle 2nd: EUR 800 Chris Pfanner

Superdead Obstacle 1st: EUR 1,500 Nassim Guammaz

Best Am: EUR 1,000 Nassim Guammaz

Best Pro: EUR 1,500 Danny Brady

MONSTER RIPPER award EUR 1,000 Flo Mirtain

4rth Team of the day: EUR 6,000 Superdead

3rd Team of the day: EUR 8,000 Enjoi

2nd Team of the day: EUR 10,000 ELEMENT EUROPE

1st Team of the day EUR 14,000 Antiz