Warning: This skateboard slam is genuinely nasty. If you're squeamish, or do not like the site of blood, do not click play.

And definitely don't click play if you don't like the sound of a human being in no small amount of agony.

The skater scorpioning clean onto his face here is Dylan Kühn. Not only does he get that splendid white hoody rather grubby, he also gets some quite unwanted dental work.

Happily, we can confirm that Dylan survived his extreme close up with the concrete, and is kind of enjoying being internet famous now this video is starting to go viral.

As such, we're fairly certain it's okay to throw over to the judges to see what they made of Dylan's text-book scorpion...


It's worth pointing out that, when he's not bending his body in half the wrong way, Dylan's normally has his rail game down

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