Screen Shot: SNL (via YouTube).

In recent months, we've made our feelings about "hoverboards" pretty clear. In a nutshell, we don't like them. Sure, we love the idea of a board that can really hover, of course we do...we're only human. But these self-balancing scooters/"swegway" monstrosities that claim to be hoverboards, well they make us sick to our stomach.

The chaps over at Saturday Night Live, god bless 'em, have encapsulated our feelings towards hoverboards perfectly through the medium of sketch comedy. Focusing their ridiculing finger on the reported cases of hoverboards exploding and starting fires, they've gone into full-on piss-take mode regarding 2015's most annoying fad.

As the description on SNL's YouTube channel states, "If you hate walking and love fire, the hoverboard is for you." Stupid gadget. Funny video. Merry Christmas!

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