Screen Shot: YouTube (Bryce Pagter).

Skate Fail Rooftop

We've watched some classic skateboarding fails in our time. Eye-popping slams, ball-busting rail mishaps, collisions caused by the reckless-scootering of six year-olds; we've seen the lot. But never, in all our days, have we witnessed a skate-fail as majestically simple as this. Honestly, this really is 14 seconds of rooftop poetry.

The skater goes by the name Bryce Pagter. According to the video's description on YouTube, Bryce downed eight coffees beforehand. Keeping an eye-out for police, he climbed up onto the roof about 10 minutes before the business opened for business and just went for it. As Bryce openly admits, the attempt was "...unsuccessful to say the least but at least I didn't die hahaha." Bryce, old chum, we salute you.

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