Kids, man. They're taking over. Their age is getting younger, and what they can do is getting increasingly impressive. Back in 1999, Tony Hawk melted the action sports world, aged 31, when he landed the worlds first 900.

Then, in 2012, twelve year old Tom Schaar  landed an 1080 (three full rotations) while skating on a gigantic Mega Ramp.

But now, this nameless* 10 year old has just gone and dropped a 900 in a concrete bowl. Kids that age, by rights, shouldn't even be able to reach the coping, let alone spin two-and-a-half times above it.

A sketchy, barely-made 900 would be amazing, but this one is so smooth, and landed absolutely bolts. Madness. Brilliant madness.

*We say 'nameless', we sure he has a name, he's just too modest to tell us. If you know he is, hit us up at at

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