World's First Skateboarding 1080

World's First Skateboarding 1080

When this was mentioned to me I was wondering who would be called out as the skater that successfully landed this. Your mind runs through the crazier of the skaters out there and then it wanders over to Tony Hawk (he hasn't landed anything bigger than a 720 for years) and perhaps Shaun White. They've been making a mark on the industry for years so it could be one of them...

Nope. It was neither of them. Which isn't actually too surprising. As I've spoken to many people before, the youngsters in our sports are coming through a bit too fast these days so it's pretty standard practise for something as ridiculous as this to be claimed by a youngster... which it was.

Skating at the MegaRamp at Woodward West in Tehachapi, California was 12-year-old Tom Schaar. With a Red Bull presence helping create the mega ramp (it wouldn't be something ridiculous without the help of Red Bull!) he takes a few tries to get it down. There's also another kid trying it as well but seeing as he didn't land it, he'll soon be forgotten within the depths of the internet.

Enough of my jabbering though! Here's the story behind the epic spin from the boy himself. Tom Schaar 2012 1080

There's still some time to go before we see the world's first 1800 in skateboarding. Something we've already seen in the ski world from Torin Yater-Wallace.