Are you good? Are you alive? This guy took his mate out and they both slide into the path of an oncoming car.

We think he needs to take him out again, but next time for a man-date to seriously apologise for this.

Don't you just love slow-mo? Now you can recognise the exact moment when this longboarder knows disaster is imminent.

This even comes complete with an amateur accident investigation, searching the evidence of skin and gore on the tarmac.

That's thoroughly gross gentlemen!

While this looks like agony you've got to appreciate the fact that this guy is solid enough to damage a huge 4x4.

I wonder if he left any insurance details!

While technically not on longboards this definitely earns its place in the greatest down hill slams.

Re-think your lunch, this is almost enough to ruin an appetite.

We're not sure what they were thinking but the changing speed of the chase car is definitely part of the reason this longboarder eats tarmac.

So the cameraman is to blame. Kinda.

Complete with super-slow mo this is apparently the happiest person ever to have had a fairly gnarly longboard slam.

While we're sure it hurt you, think what your poor board went through. All of those spins...

Whilst it's providing internet hilarity and causing people around the world to wince with discomfort, this would have hurt way less if you'd just put a lid on Elijah.

Some serious hard-core littering taking place. Vandalising tarmac with all kinds of red.

This is why you wear a helmet. We were pleased to see he was OK the next day.

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