It may look like the result of some psychotropic 1960's art brut brain melt,  but this is actually a pretty rad skate bowl. And while it may seem a little Austin Powers, the monotone design was actually inspired by World War 1 naval camouflage.

photo: Philip Liljenberg

It's the work of Swiss artist Lisa Looser who's painted the bowl in a style known as 'Razzle Dazzle' - a camouflage used by the Royal Navy during the First World War. The idea then wasn't to hide ships, but to break up the lines, and make them look confusing.

The technique worked then, and it's just as effective here. The lines and contours of the bowl and confusingly obscured by the trippy paint job.

There's no question that the bowl, that can be found in Landes, South-West France, looks incredible, but we cant help but think the art would make it trickier to skate than normal.

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