The X Games in Austin yesterday saw the elimination rounds of the skateboard street contest, amongst others.

The two favourites for the gold medal Ryan Sheckler and Nyjah Huston both sailed through, winning heats 1 and 2 respectively.

But for us it was all about watching Aaron Homoki. Jaws may not have qualified, but he did finish his final run by doing this. What a champion!

Jaws Jumps Into The Crowd

Jaws Jumps Into The Crowd

He said: "I did it in practise and there wasn't a crowd there. Right before my run, I told them I was coming through and to watch out for me."

Obviously the people crowding the barriers there weren't listening, or weren't aware that Jaws is a loose canon.

"I thought they would give me a better space to work with. I didn’t land my lines like I wanted so I thought, ‘Why not please the crowd?’" Why not indeed?

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