This amazing freestyle ski edit captures everything that's brilliant about riding the park. From the icy cold gloom in Tryvannin Norway to the sunshine and awe inspiring scenery of Mount Hood in the US, everybody that's dropped into the park a few times will recognise something here.

Everything a terrain park can throw up, including icy cold kickers, and slushy spring spray are both present, and make us long for that lift pass. The only think missing is a kid sitting on a knuckle, getting in the way.

"Massive, styled-out airs, and super tech rails"

While the days on show are, by design, completely average, the skiing is anything but. There are massive, styled-out airs, and super tech rails all over the place. Then again, with riders like Simen Gjelsvik, and Hallvard Hovland hooning around, that's hardly a surprise.

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