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Tignes Grande Motte Glacier

On our small island, bare chested men and bikini clad babes are beginning to swarm to the coastline to burn themselves to a crisp. Ice cream is melting in your hands and ill-advised sarongs are everywhere. But just because summer is officially here, doesn't mean skiers and snowboarders need to stop shredding.

"Just because summer is officially here, doesn't mean skiers and snowboarders need to stop shredding."

Glaciers across Europe are as lively as ever as freestyle parks are built, half pipes carved out and chairlifts oiled. Down under, New Zealand is just beginning to open up for their winter season and both north and south America also have a lot to offer for those who simply can't stay away from the white stuff.

So if you can't wait for winter, why not wax your skis, bevel your edges and take a visit to one of these 10 Summer shred spots? After all, slush is the new powder...

[part title="Cardrona, NZ"]

Cardrona Ski Resort

The resorts of New Zealand's South Island are just gearing up for the season, which runs from June to October. Cardrona, near Wanaka is one of the biggest and best.

Although the freeride terrain is nothing to write home about, the freestyle facilities are amongst the best in the country.

Four terrain parks and two half pipes make it a must-visit for anyone looking to enhance their upside down skills down under.

[part title="Las Lenas, Argentina"]

Las Lenas Ski Resort Argentina

A celebrity hot-spot in Argentina, Las Lenas is a high-altitude resort offering plenty of wide open runs above the treeline where snow is almost guaranteed.

Be warned, however, as there's not a great deal of apres so be sure to bring a pack of playing cards.

Las Lenas Freeride

On the good days the riding here can be epic. A vast amount of free ride terrain and plenty of challenging runs make this probably the best known resort in Argentina.

[part title="Portillo, Chile"]

Portillo Ski resort Chile

This snow-sure resort gets a crazy 8m of snow a year so there's likely to be an abundance of fresh stuff to put some turns in.

Apart from the appallingly ugly yellow hotel it's a pretty place - wherever you are in the resort, you'll be treated to breathtaking views over Lake Inca.

If you've got cash to splash then this is an ideal spot to jump in a heli and explore some backcountry terrain, or for the slightly less adventurous there's plenty of lines to hike.

Portillo ski resort chile

[part title="Mt. Hood, Oregon"]

Windells Camp

This is North America's premier summer shred spot, and is filled with summer camp snowboarders throughout July and August.

Skiers and snowboarders of all ages can sign up to one of many camps which include intense freestyle coaching and often a session with one of the many pros who roll through here during the summer.

The facilities are world class, so it's small wonder the best in the world come to work on their skills here.

Mt Hood Windells

[part title="Hintertux, Austria"]

Hintertux Glacier

Hintertux has the distinction of being one of only three resorts in the world to stay open 365 days a year. During the Summer months, the resort offers 22km of piste served by nine lifts so there's plenty of terrain to ride.

The 'Betterpark' lives up to its name too, with booters, hips, boxes and rails to serve all your freestyle needs.

You might even bump into a few pros whilst you're lapping it - this is a favourite hangout of a lot of the European scene in the run up to the winter season.

Hintertux Glacier

[part title="Zermatt, Switzerland"]

Zermatt Glacier

The Theodul Glacier offers a whopping 25km of piste, which is shared with Cervinia in Italy. The 13 runs are either blue or red so there's something for all abilities. It gives you plenty of opportunity to sit around, soak up the rays and marvel at the nearby Matterhorn.

Zermatt Glacier view

Fortunately as well, Zermatt has one of Switzerland's better apres scenes so there's loads to do once the lifts grind to a halt as long as you're prepared to pay for it - Switzerland doesn't come cheap!

[part title="Tignes, France"]

Tignes Grande Motte Glacier

Tignes' Grande Motte glacier boasts blue, red and black runs as well as a park so there's no doubt you'll find a few runs to suit your needs.

The park may not always be in the best shape, but the glacier is just a seven minute ride up from the main town on board the underground funicular so if it's just a casual shred you're after, it's perfect - you can be on the slopes in no time.

Grande Motte Glacier Tignes

Make sure you take advantage of Tignes' buzzing nightlife too - it's a hot spot for Mountain Bikers in the summer as well, so there's sure to be plenty of people to party with.

[part title="Saas-Fee, Switzerland"]

Saas-Fee Halfpipe

Get your summer time groove on in a world class park setup with a laid back vibe. The Saas-Fee park pops up each Summer and caters for all abilities.

It shuts by 1pm but by then your legs will be tired and it'll be time to head to the bar directly below the half pipe for a well earned beer, or three.

Be warned, however, as the early bird catches the worm. It takes an hour to reach the glacier from the town below so start your day early to get the most out of your day.

Saas-Fee pipe

[part title="Galdhopiggen, Norway"]

Galdhopiggen Park

Situated at the foot of Northern Europe's highest peak, Galdhopiggen is well known in Scandinavia for its excellent park featuring monster booters like the one above.

Although it doesn't offer a huge range of skiing, if you're in the area then it's well worth a look!

[part title="Les Deux Alpes, France"]

Les Deux Alpes Glacier Park

The glacier at Les Deux Alpes is beyond massive - between the top at 3,600 and the base at 3,200 there's a wide expanse of gently sloping snow which provides the perfect setting for their summer park.

This contains kickers of all sizes, a variety of boxes and rails, a pipe and a mini-pipe, so there's something for all abilities from the novice trying their luck or the seasoned pro warming up for the winter.

Les Deux Alpes glacier

Apart from the park however there's not that much here apart from a handful of straight blue runs - so if it's piste cruising you're after, I'd suggest moving elsewhere.