The mountains are full of things for novice skiers to crash into, some more unexpected than others. Here are ten perils you should try to avoid when you first hit the slopes.

1. Other beginners

A good way to meet people on the slopes.


2. Trees

Stationary but somehow magnetic.


3. Chairlift pylons



Luckily they usually come heavily padded.


4. Chairlift queues

An effective but unpopular way to bring yourself to a stop.


5. Safety netting


So easy to get tangled in orange netting like a tangerine.


6. Children at ski school

Surprisingly easy to wipe out the whole lot at once.


7. Polar bears

Who knew?


8. Groups of sitting snowboarders

Seven happy smiling friends wearing ski mask sitting together lifting hands up in the air on the mountains background

They gather in packs right where you were planning to turn.


9. Slow down signs

Why put them right across the piste?


10. The ground

Because most of the time you will trip on thin air.

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