World Pond Skimming Championships

World Pond Skimming Championships

If you’re a seasoned pro endurance skier, or merely someone who yawns at the prospect of a bog standard skiing holiday, these events are for you. Covering the bizarre to the down right hard-core, here are 10 skiing events that we reckon are well worth a look in 2014.

[part title="Iceman Polar "]

Taking extreme adventure racing to a new level, the Iceman Polar, based in the stunning and isolated region of the high Arctic is designed to test the skills and commitment of pioneer adventurers over a gruelling six day race.

Involving backcountry skiing, cross-country and Nordic ski racing, this is one for the triple threats of the skiing world. With strict experience requirements and the expectation for team members to seek professional training in the skills required, this is definitely not a challenge to be undertaken lightly.

[part title="Der Weiße Rausch"]


It involves a carnage inducing mass start and uphill sprint topped off with a knee crunching ungroomed spring slush mogul field to see you back down to St Anton. And if that wasn’t punishing enough, once you reach the bottom the organisers rather unnecessarily lay out some giant man made snow obstacles that you have to clamber over to reach the finish line.

[part title="Schneetag"]


But in reality once you’re off that kicker in your man made sled, there’s absolutely no chance you’ll be skimming over any kind of pond. To make this event slightly more ridiculous, each team has to do a little ‘skit’ before their doomed descent into the icy pond.



The 15.8km course takes you through your paces on varying terrain so strong mental stamina is needed by the bucket load. While a competent skier can finish the 15.8km course in 45 minutes, the fastest can come in at under 15 minutes - so there’s a challenge for you.

[part title="World Pond Skimming Championships"]


If you’re the type that errs on the sadistic side, then The World Pond Skimming Championships on 20 April in Vail is for you. The rules are simple. Longest skim wins and fancy dress is a must.

[part title="24 Hours of Snowshoe"]



Snowshoe are putting on an intense overnight endurance ski and snowboard race from 10-12 January where teams of two to four people will lap a run to see how many times they can session it in a 24 hour period. Nail this challenge and you could win a 40-year Snowshoe lift pass. That’s got to be worth it right?

[part title="GB25"]


The date for this event is TBC.

[part title="Kumi Yama"]


Originating in Japan, Kumi Yama, a wacky oriental slopestyle competition has since come over to France where its weird and wonderful ways are now hailed as the highlight of the summer in Les 2 Alpes.

If your freestyle ability is not quite up to the challenge of a kamikaze slopestyle run all is not lost, you can still get involved with the bizarre fancy dress competitions, photo contests and obviously partying like a king.

This event will take place from the 4-6 July 2014.

Peak To Creek

Peak To Creek

As the name suggests the race finishes off in the creek where the last adventure sees the whole team piling into a raft for a hefty 6.8km trek to the finish line, so you'd better brush up on those rafting skills!

[part title="Alpine Challenge"]


This is an endurance challenge that calls upon routes and strategies. Teams have to navigate to each of the checkpoints across the 15 ski resorts of the Portes du Soleil region and to knacker you out that little bit more they’ve thrown in a compulsory 5km mountain hike during the night.