There are a lot of ten year old kids who don’t do much more than pick their nose and watch a talking sponge cook hamburgers on television.

There are also a lot who you’ll rarely catch indoors though, because good at it or bad at it, they love the world of sports.

When it comes to skiing, a lot of these youngsters will spend their time in a ski school, weaving through poles in a neverending lines that blocks off everyone else on the slopes.

Others however, are a bit further along the learning curve. Take Rai Kasamura in Japan for example. While the rest of his mates are just pleased to be off the beginner’s slope, Rai just stomped a Dub Cork 1080 – on his second attempt.

It’s a little bit depressing to think that a ten year old skier is better than we’ll ever be, but this kid has some serious talent. Rai Kasamura, remember the name...

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