1) When your mates are talking about their favourite handbag - and you realise yours is a backpack

Photo: Burton

Burton Women Skiing Backpack

2) Getting a wax doesn't have anything to do with hair removal

Photo: cottagelife.com

Waxing Skis Iron

3) Just because you're a woman, doesn't mean you want pink flowery skis...

4) You tried snowboarding once.... but it's got nothing on skiing

5) You can't stand it when other skiers ask if you can keep up...

6) You understand the pain of getting a transceiver to the boob... Ouch!

tranceiver boob skier female

7) Your make-up bag looks something like this....

Photo: echostenger.com

Chapstick Female Skier

8) The only hairstyle you care about is the one that keeps hair out of your mouth

Skier Woman Female Plait

Skier Woman Female Plait

9) You'd rather have new gloves than a manicure

Photo: Stock

10) You have an unhealthy obsession with Merino wool

Photo: Mons Royale

11) And you have more beanies than anything else

Photo: Stock

Woolly Hat Beanie Winter

11) Your pants look like this...

Photo: springchicken.co.uk

Knickers Thermal Underwear

12) Rather than this...


13) Your winter feet look something like this...

Photo: theskidiva.com

Black Toe Nail Skiing

14) You do squats and lunges to prevent thigh burn - rather caring about how your butt looks

Photo: Red Bull

15) The sight of this gets you more excited than anything else in the world...

16) Because skiing is life!

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