1) You are in your 40s and you've still got a room mate

2) Everyone in town knows your name

(And not always in a good way...)

3) You've hooked up with that person... And that person.... Oh yeah, and them too

4) Going out to buy milk ends up in six conversations and an invitation out for beers

5) Pizza is part of your five-a-day

6) You care more about the snow forecast than world politics

7) You've forgotten what it's like to not wear ski pants every day

8) You're obsessed with what material other people's clothes and kit are made of...

Is that merino?

9) Despite the fact most of your kit is old and botched together with duct tape

10) 'Rad' and 'stoked' have become a regular part of your vocabulary

11) You've actually started practicing yoga

12) You've given up thinking you'll be anything more than an average skier/snowboarder

13) Six pints just doesn't have an effect on you any more

14) You won't get out of bed for anything less than a bluebird

15) And your hatred for tourists has increased significantly

16) You ride the same lifts again and again (because you know exactly where the best snow is)

17) You've lived in France for five years... but still can't speak the language

18) And although nothing ever really changes, year after year...

19) The thought of living somewhere else just isn't worth it...