Rowdy après ski. It's as important to any good snow holiday as perfect slopes, essential chairlift photos and spending as little as you possibly can on as much wine as possible.

Of course, no après session is truly complete without thunderous tunes banging from speakers bigger than your park-mad mate's ego, and the festival scene on snow has boomed in recent years as a consequence.

Big name acts, big stages, big crowds and big bad mountains in every direction you look. What's not to love? But is it really all it's cracked up to be? Is it really the party-packed paradise so many shred-happy music-lovers are rattling on about?

Well, being the ever-generous researchers we are, we decided to take a whirlwind trip to Rise Festival in Les Deux Alpes - think Skream, Sigma, Jackmaster, Blonde, Ms. Dynamite, Eton Messy... - to find out for ourselves. Here's what we discovered...

1) Skiers and snowboarders seem to enjoy a good party


2) The slopes tend to be very quiet the morning after the night before


3) ...and when we say quiet, we mean quiet


4) We have absolutely no idea why of course...


Approach L'Avalanche Club with caution. Seriously. Caution. You will... WILL not leave without a brutal hangover.

5) Ski hire on day one can prove a bit of a nightmare

Long queue symbol vector format

If you can get down to ski hire early on, or before the majority arrive, we highly recommend doing exactly that...

6) Three euro bottles of wine are probably the best thing ever


7) ...and there's always a party to be had somewhere


8) Some of the stories on the grapevine the next morning are truly ridiculous


*Apparently some dude needed the toilet so badly on the way down from après that he opened the gondola doors, stuck his head inbetween the two to make sure they didn’t shut, and then took a leak mid-ride.

9) If there’s a French dude standing next to a sign like this shouting ‘ferme’, you should probably listen to him


10) ...or you’ll end up trying to get down a shut-off, icy-as-hell black run without being able to see


11) Ms. Dynamite should now be your everything

She absolutely killed it on the main stage at Rise on Sunday night. The crowd was absolutely bouncing, and for very good reason.

12) Sometimes hangovers get in the way of the fun


This note was left on our chalet table after not all members of the party decided to follow through on the "first lift" plans formulated at 3am the night before.

"Yo! Don't wake me up too early! I was up late trying to turn the oven off :("

Oh dear Adam. We hope the rest of your week was slightly more productive.

13) ...though a balcony with a view is a very nice thing


14) The chairlift is the perfect place to make new friends


15) Some of the costumes on show are very, very bizarre


16) Even if the snow isn’t amazing, the views still will be


17)The Sigma crew certainly know how to throw a party

18) It’s possible to survive for days on only croissants, baguettes, water, beer and wine


19) ...though certainly not advisable

Asian Handsome Man in bed with tablets and water suffering insomnia, hangover and headache

20) A hip flask is a bit of an essential


21) It’s possible to play a sick grime set in an après bar and look incredibly cool, all the while holding a Fanta lemon in your right hand (shoutout to Novelist)

You may not be able to see it... but trust us. That Fanta Lemon is there.

22) The phrase "no more pizza" is the worst thing you can possibly hear after a certain amount of beer

A pizza sign hanging on a fire escape.

23) And as always... Skiing, snowboarding and the fresh air of the mountains makes for the best hangover cure imaginable

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