1) You don't get annoyed by traffic 'chaos' because of snow

Photo: iStock

Snow Traffic UK Britain Roads

2) When you look at a hill, you can't help but imagine all the lines and drops you could make...

Photo: iStock

Arthurs Seat Hill Green Grassy

3) You spend your time imagining how sick handrails would be… if only there was some snow

Photo: Shutterstock

Hand Rail Urban

4) And mistaking clouds in cities for mountains...

Photo: 3 Sons Production

Baltimore Clouds Mountains Skyline City

5) You refer to certain people by their first names, even though you’ve never met them. Despite the fact your non-skier mates have no idea who Candide is…

Photo: Jimmy Chin/Quiksilver

Candide Thovex Skier Quiksilver

6) You wear your beanie all year round… whatever the weather

Photo: iStock

Mixed race grunge girl friends hanging out together


7) Although this has happened more than once...

Photo: Danny De Russo

Sunburnt Face Hat Beanie

8) You know there's a big difference between these...

Photo: Volkl

Volkl Race Tigers Skis

9) And these...

Photo: Black Crows

Black Crows Adris Powder Skis

10) You purposely choose not to use chair lifts

Photo: iStock

Ski mountaineering silhouette


11) Alaska isn't just somewhere with bears, guns and Sarah Palin



12) This gets you excited...

Photo: iStock

GoreTex Beading Waterproof Jacket Skiing

13) A wax job means something entirely different to you

Photo: iStock

applying ski wax to ski base


14) To you, a honeymoon looks like this…

Photo: iStock

Skiing In Scotland Best Scottish Ski Resorts

15) Not this…

Photo: iStock

Couple relaxing at the poolside

16) You have a degree-standard knowledge of snow science despite never having opened a book…

Photo: iStock

Snow Pack Science Avalanche Kit Skiing

17) The two photos you never delete from your phone aren’t your other half or your dog… they’re your proudest moments

Photo: Tristan Kennedy

18) Everything is a surface for stickers

Photo: New Schoolers

Ski Stickers

19) This is your badge of honour

Photo: New Schoolers

Goggle Tan Skiing Snowboarding New Schoolers

20) This just feels wrong to you...

Photo: iStock

Cable Car Emirates London SKiing

21) You see these in a skip and think, with a bit of epoxy, they will last an entire season

Photo: New Schoolers

Broken Skis Armada

22) You can always spot another skier in a crowd...

Photo: iStock

Crowd People

23) Because, you know, they get it too...

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