Screen Shot: Passenger (YouTube).

Touch my skin and feel my goosebumps! This 'Legs of Steel' teaser trailer for Passenger, which is due out in October 2015, has turned me into a gibbering wreck of excitement and anticipation. Ehtethgeiegrpij\gerehtjgbgtynbgdfb`rydgbbdbfhhmmzgn.

Sorry about that, I just jumped around on the keyboard a bit. Because, well because, I'm so flipping excited about this film after seeing the trailer. The voiceover, the big red door, the jaw-dropping aerials; I haven't been this buzzing about something since...forever.

Directed by Andre Nutini and David Peacock, and shot in 4K ultra high definition, the film will feature a plethora of awesome skiers doing what they do best. So if you really like spectacular tricks, beautiful scenery, and slow-mo in the snow (aka snow-mo); you're probably going to love this thing more than life itself.

Also, there's an eagle in it (see below).

Screen Shot: Passenger (YouTube).

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