You’re trying to look epic on the slopes. You’ve got your backwards cap on. You’re heading down the park. What do you do next?

Well, you could nail a backflip or two, maybe even a double if you’ve got that in your locker. It would be impressive, no doubt, and make people on the chairlift take note, but at the end of the day, you’ll probably get a poser tag for doing it directly below the lift.

Then it hits you. Your mate is passing on the chairlift. If you launch yourself now, you might just be able to... yes... yes... that’s it. Now you rule the world.

Unfortunately, we’ve got to say that we don’t think this is in fact the coolest high five we’ve ever seen on the slopes though. That coveted accolade stays with the lads in the video below, who managed to produce what is still one of the most awesome clips on the web:

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