It's not every day that you get to see a whole new ski trick that nobody has ever done before. And even when you do, it's usually something really technical and dull, like an existing trick but with an extra 7 degrees of rotation, or a grab 12 millimetres further along a ski.

But freestyle skier Øystein Bråten isn't having any of that bullshit. The Norwegian, who's name translates into English literally as Oyster Barnacle, has become the first person to flip both onto, and off the same rail.

"I just got a weird pain in my head"

It looks like the stuff of video games, but from the bails our pal Oyster takes before he nails the trick that many are already calling the Blue Oyster Cult Flipy-Whip.

In fact, deciding just a simple flip on and off was a bit pedestrian, the Scandi-teen turned up the heat and actually hit an underflip 450 on, to misty 450 out. That's a lot of flipping with just a big lump of metal to break your fall in between.

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