Epic Avalanche Escape

Even being a seasoned pro is no protection from getting caught up in an avalanche. As these videos show it doesn’t matter how good you are...

[part title="Sverre Lillequist"]

This looks like something out of a Bond movie. Sverre Lillequist managed to trigger an avalanche during the 2013 Swatch Skiers Cup - it didn’t perturb him though and he managed to make a stylish escape.

[part title="Mathias Giraud and Stefan Laude"]

This is another clip straight out of an action movie. Mathias Giraud and Stefan Laude, two French freeskiers, seem to be making smooth progress through the Alps when all of a sudden they disappear off a cliff and pull the parachute cord. They turn around to see an avalanche streaming off the cliff-face behind them. Badass.

[part title="Maria Kuzma"]

Equally nonchalant is Maria Kuzma. When the snow gives way underneath her at the Verbier Extremes back in 2011 she’s left with little choice but to ride it out. When it eventually comes to a stop, she just stands up and brushes down her bindings.

[part title="Todd Jones"]

Not everyone gets so lucky. Whilst TGR’s co-founder Todd Jones is filming for his next movie, Continuum, a huge slab of powder slides from beneath him, carrying him helplessly with it.

Jones is dragged over the cliff and is deposited about 15ft down. Luckily he escaped unharmed.

[part title="DCP"]

David Carrier Porchebon is one of the most chilled men in snowboarding - even having just survived an avalanche. Hearing him describe the experience makes it all seem not so bad.

[part title="Xavier de le Rue"]

Freeriders don’t get much more talented or experienced than Xavier de le Rue. Back in 2009 whilst laying down some more epic lines for Absinthe he ran into a massive avalanche.

Incredibly he nearly outruns the first slab until even more of the slope collapses beneath him and carries him for 2km to the bottom of the mountain. Thankfully the Frenchman was spotted by the helicopter above him.

[part title="Johno Verity"]

Johno Verity - who bears more than a passing resemblance to a young Devun Walsh - was caught up in a large avalanche back in 2008 whilst filming. He recorded everything of his experience. The result is about as close to the real thing as you’ll want to get.

As snow closes in around the lens things get a little claustrophobic. Due to the way the avalanche formed he ended up being spat out after being covered originally and was found quickly, only a little a shaken.