We've all been there, haven't we? One moment you're carving down the slopes, feeling like an absolute boss-man, the next you're falling head-over-heels in love with a stranger; a beautiful stranger in a nice ski jacket.

When this happens, you find that your well-honed ski technique immediately comes less naturally to you. You continue down the mountain and struggle desperately, in your own mind, to conjure up a way of talking to this person without coming across like a serial killer in a helmet.

Of course, by the time you do think up something witty to say, that beautiful stranger in a nice ski jacket has disappeared from sight, leaving you to cry into your goggles and snowplough down the mountain with only the bitter taste of heartbreak for company.

This app, which is aiming to raise $35,000 on KickStarter, might just be the solution to your mountain-based romantic woes. 'Snowflake', in a nutshell, aims to be an "exclusive ski and ride meet up application."

Users tell Snowflake their ability level, what kind of skiing their into, where they'd like to improve, and then assigns you someone to meet up with based on a combination of this and your location on the mountain. For more information on how it all works, watch the animated-video embedded in this post.

Screen Shot: Snowflake (via Kickstarter).

As the makers state on their fundraising page, a lift ride can typically take anything up to fifteen minutes. This should be enough time to get to know someone, and judge whether you'd like to take things further with that person.

There's only six days to go, and the campaign to get this thing going has only received about a third of the required pledges ($11,610 - at the time of writing). Clearly, it's going to need a dramatic late surge of investors if it's to become a reality but we think it's an idea with great potential.

Who knows? With enough financial backing, this app might just become the ski-holiday Tinder. Helping you, in the process, to leave failed attempts at the past.

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