Anyone who is familiar with the layout of the French Alps may have raised an eyebrow when they read that the video above was dubbed “one of the gnarliest lines" ever ridden in the country.

Now, whatever your thoughts on that statement taken from the YouTube video description, we can say one thing for certain – it’s definitely one of the most intense and creative lines that we’ve seen in some time.

The footage comes from Léo Taillefer in Val d'Isere, and it’s safe to say that if the majority of us tried to re-enact the footage , there would be a substantial waiting list at the nearest hospital. That huge second air in the video? Phoar.

There’s some massive airs in here, some crazy tight lines and a whole lot of Candide Thovez-esk madness to get you excited. We also have to give a huge shoutout to the way he warns fellow skiers that he’s about to arrive. Killing it Léo. Killing it.

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