La Plagne in the French Alps. Not to be confused with La Plagne near Andorra... Photo: Elina Sirparanta / Tourist Board

If you've ever felt like your ski resort transfer was taking too long (and let's face it, who hasn't?) think again.

These hapless Belgian tourists took a 750 mile detour to the south of France after their driver typed the wrong town into his GPS.

“There are three entries for La Plagne in France, and I selected the wrong one," the driver told Studio Brussel radio.

“There are three entries for La Plagne in France, and I selected the wrong one"

So instead of heading to the Alpine resort in the Tarantaise valley, the Belgians found themselves journeying to a small village near the Spanish border.

That's one hell of a detour. Photo: Screenshot / Google Maps

Apparently it wasn't until the driver got to Toulouse that he realised his mistake. By which point the passengers had been treated to a view of the Mediterranean and the medieval fortress of Carcassone.

Which was all very nice I'm sure, but not exactly what they'd signed up for.

They luckless party eventually made it to the right La Plagne 24 hours after they meant to. We can only imagine what state their bums were in after spending that amount of time sat on a coach...

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