The GoPro Line Of The Season competition really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not just because the action cam guys are giving away piles of cash for the best footage sent in to them each month, but because it keeps throwing up sick videos like this.

While dropping down escalators is nothing new, seeing Daniel Freed hitting three, one after another is rad. It may not be Cody Townsend riding down that line but, fuck, what is?

In fact, the only complaint we do have is that Daniel didn't bonk that white car at the end of his run. We're pretty sure criminal damage doesn't count when you're arsing about on skis. Then again, we did fail lawyering school.

If you haven'y heard of the GoPro Line Of The Season comp, you can find out more - including how you can pocket yourself $20,000 - here. Be quick though, it closed on 30th April 2015.

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