Screen Shot: YouTube (Teton Gravity Research).

For Lack Of Better Street Ski Film Trailer

What is it about the word "street", that instantly make things seem about three hundred times cooler? It rhymes with "beet", short for "beetroot", so that's definitely something to consider. But, what is it really? What is it about street (insert sport) that makes (name of inserted sport) that much more rad?

Street Skiing Film Trailer Teton Gravity Research

Street Skiing Film Trailer Teton Gravity Research

This trailer for a film about street skiing looks set to continue that trend of street things being better than normal things. The film is called 'For Lack Of Better', and on the basis of this teaser alone, we genuinely can't wait to see it. In a nutshell, it will follow filmmaker Clayton Vila as he documents his own addiction, as well as his friend's addiction, to the sport of street skiing.

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