Rumour has it that Vail is the most expensive resort in the world. In 2011, Trip Advisor published the results of a study that proved just that. It took the average cost of accommodation, daily ski rental, lift pass and threw in the cost of a burger, fries and a beer for good measure. The cost of one day in Vail? A staggering $745.56.

But scratch a little below the surface and you will find it is very easy to far surpass this daily budget if you put your mind to it. Alas, we began to dream of winning the lotto and heated debate between our team members on how you would spend a day in the world’s most expensive resort if money was no object ensued.

What a way to while away a couple of hours. And we have to say we are pretty happy with the result. If any multi-millionaires fancy sponsoring the MPORA dream we would be more than willing. We’re pretty good like that! In the meantime check out how we would spend £5,000 in a day in Vail.

four seasons

four seasons

A good night’s sleep?

Our accommodation choice may lack originality but after pouring over the accommodation options in Vail, the Four Seasons was our top choice. With down pillows and duvets, mountain views, a fireplace, private outdoor terrace and a bath tub more akin to a swimming pool, this 99m₂ suite will set you back £2021 per room per night. And just in case you are wondering, that doesn’t include breakfast.

The hotel is pretty spectacular and has everything you could possibly want for your post piste retreat. The courtyard features an outdoor pool with views of the mountain, there is also an indoor pool, spa, gym, restaurants and ample fireside nooks and crannies in which you can while away a couple of hours with a glass of wine and a good book.

Time: Midnight till 9am. Spent: £1010

heli ski

heli ski

For the Heli of it

No trip to Vail is complete with a spot of heli-skiing, or so we hear. Luckily there are number of options on offer to quench your backcountry thirst. As well as some world-class skiing you will also get to take in the incredible scenery that Colorado has to offer.

Telluride Helitrax will arrange a private fixed-wing charter from Vail, where you can enjoy a 40 minute scenic flight to Telluride. Once in Telluride, you’ll board a helicopter for a full day of heli-skiing in the 200 square miles surrounding Telluride, in the San Juan Mountains. And best of all? You shall be back in the resort in time for a quick après drink, a dip in the pool and some fine dining to boot. Prices start at £980.

Time 9am till 6pm. Spent £1990


A Happy Ending to the Day

After a day burning up the O-zone layer exploring the back-country there’s still time to relax before dinner. There’s a range of relaxing spas on offer in Vail and we’ve opted for the Rock Resort Spa at The Arrabelle. While the prenatal massage sounded a little invasive for our liking, we’ve opted for the Fruit and Spice Body Peel and Wrap, ‘simply delicious’ according to the brochure and just £169 per person.

Time: 6pm till 7.40pm. Spent: £2159


Top Nosh

When holidaying in Vail, one must embrace fine dining at every opportunity.

When it comes to dinner time, do not leave Vail without a trip to the infamous Game Creek Restaurant. At lunch time, this establishment has a strict member’s only policy but thankfully at dinner time they welcome the riffraff with open arms. The journey to get to the restaurant is an experience in itself. You will catch the gondola, at the top of which you will be met by a snowcat to get you to the chalet. Allow us to indulge ourselves by opting for the five course Chef’s Tasting Menu for £116 with wine - a snip.

Time: 7.40pm till 10pm. Spent: £2275



Bowled Over

When you think bowling alley, your mind immediately wanders to dodgy verruca causing shoes, questionable background music and unflattering lighting. They do things differently in Vail; Bol Vail offers fine dining, an extensive wine list and bowling lanes that look like they belong in a palace, this is bowling with a difference. Not a kids birthday party or set of rails in sight.

Lounge on luxurious couches while you wait your turn with a bottle of the finest Chateau Petrus. Prices for the bowling itself are surprisingly reasonable. An hour’s lane rental will set you back £30 with an additional £3 for shoe rental. The bottle of vino however will set you back £2,650 - what’s the harm. Now you can look forward to the most expensive hangover of your life.

The perfect end to the perfect imaginary day in our book!

Time: 10pm till midnight. Spent £4958

Mission accomplished.