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When Scott MacDonald took his two week old iPhone 6 on a ski trip to Japan with him, he probably envisaged using all the new fangled apps to take amazing pictures and track his runs.

And lets face it, if he fancied a change of sport, the iPhone 6 is big enough to glue a couple of bindings on to and use as a makeshift snowboard.

However, Scott had an absolute shocker and, on a typically deep powder day in Niseko, he managed to lose his new phone somewhere in the seemingly endless fields of snow. After a long search, Scott finally accepted that it was gone, and lost forever.

However, four months down the line MacDonald received a text from a stranger. It turned out to be a Japanese dude called Masaya Yoshimura who stumbled across his phone. In an act that rather restores your faith in humanity, instead of cashing in and sticking the phone on eBay, Masaya exchanged details with Scott, and posted his phone back to him.

And as if 'Human Being Being Nice To Complete Stranger Shocker' wasn't enough as a miracle, the normally death-prone iPhone 6 actually survived it's partial burial deep in the Japanese powder.

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