Remember that crazy line you rode last season? The one you caught on your GoPro and watched for three months straight. Well go one better this winter and you could win $20,000.

That's right, GoPro have launched a competition that will see one budding snow bum awarded the 'Line of the Winter' prize, and take home a hefty cash prize with it.

Rather than chasing full edits, the comp will instead focus on innovation, technicality and decent filming skills - with only raw footage from a line being accepted.

Snowboard- Danny Davis source @travelindan instagram)

Snowboard- Danny Davis source @travelindan instagram)

As well as the big prize, which will be given away in May, there are also $1000 giveaways on offer for the video of the month in December, January, February, March and April. So there are going to be some pretty wild parties taking place on the snow this year.

As if skiers and snowboarders needed any more excuse to record their every move on the mountain...

Find out more here if you think you've got a shot!

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