Screen Shot: Degrees North (via The North Face).

The world is filled with "epic" things these days. "Epic" sandwiches, "epic" sofa-beds, "epic" banter, and "epic" shirts; there's just far too much faux-epic going on. Because of these imposters, the genuinely epic stuff has taken to sitting at home in its beige underpants and playing excessive levels of FIFA; epic has lost its way.

Thankfully, if this trailer is anything to go by, it looks like North Face are set to give epic the vital boost it needs. Don't call it a comeback of epic proportions but, also, yes do that. The thing that's got us all excited about "epic" again is a film called Degrees North.

What's Degrees North all about then, hey? And why are we talking about it with such trouser-splitting levels of excitement?

The film will showcase French snowboarding dude-meister Xavier De Le Rue, Swiss skiing wizard Sam Anthamatten, and American mountain man Ralph Backstrom. It will follow the lads on their two year expedition to some of the remotest corners of the world, in Svalbard and Alaska, as they look for seriously steep angles on untouched territory.

If you like jaw-dropping mountain shots and breathtaking slow-motion, Degrees North is going to be right up your street. Watch the trailer, and brace yourself for eye-popping levels of genuine epic.

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