Thinking of moving to the mountains? Maybe you're heading off for a season, or just spending a few weeks on snow. Either way, you'll want to fit in.

It's okay. You don't have to feel bad about it. We all just want to fit in. Even the weird folks who take themselves off to live alone in caves feel the pressure to deck their rocky hole out in a way that doesn't offend other hermits.

But back to the mountains. If you want to be a face in your chosen town, there are a few hints an tips you'll need to know to not just survive, but flourish. But fear not! The guys over at Verb Cabin have got your back.

They've made this hilarious video of everything you need to know for living in the mountains. From how to make the back of your car just the right kind if disgusting mess, to buying your gear from petrol stations, and even trading thing you can steal from work in return for free shots...

There's everything you could possibly need. Just, don't blame us if you get sick, arrested, or sick and arresed.

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