We love being out, nipple deep in snow, surrounded by the majesty of the mountains. Not only does it give out inner-quinoa-eating hippy all kind of relaxed vibes, it also gives our inner child a massive, massive rush.

But, being the socially awkward, reserved nerds that we are, this delight usually manifests itself in nothing more than the occasional 'whooop' following a particularly good powder turn, and a mumbled 'yes' at the end of a enjoyable line.

Joachim Viet, however, is a man unburdened by this social awkwardness. In this collection of runs, both on skis and a snowboard (the bloomin' great heretic ), captured on GoPro, he continually whoops and hollers down every run.

In fact, if we didn't know better, and just heard the sound, we'd think he had just found the key to the 'special room' in the Busty Bonanza Boob Parlour in Dagenham.

Joachim: we envy your copious amounts of snow, love your enthusiasm, and fear your seemingly eternal happiness.

Go ahead, treat yourself to some lunch time happiness. Crank the quality up, turn your speakers on, and prey the boss doesn't think you're watching internet porn.

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