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Snow does what it wants. One minute it's there, all white like a freshly cleaned mattress cover, the next it's gone. Snow is a temperamental diva at the best of times, a prima-donna that can't handle the heat.

"It's too hot, it's too hot," snow complains, and then it melts.

Sand, on the other hand, is there for you all-year round. Whatever the weather, whatever the season; sand exists. Of course, this is great news for anyone with a big pile of it knocking around and some skis or snowboards near at hand.

"Whatever the weather, whatever the season; sand exists."

Filmed in Peru, this seriously awesome edit shows you just how awesome sand-skiing and sand-boarding can be. The whole thing is bursting at the seams with carving, tricks, feel-good summer vibes and...sand. If you watch the video while squinting through your eyelids, you might mistake it for an Art of Flight outtake (although you probably won't).

Wearing your boots at the summit of a sand dune and clipping into your planks/plank might sound like something from a strange dream, but it's becoming an increasingly popular way for people to get an adrenaline fix especially when they don't have any immediate access to snow.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Personally, we're a bit tempted to sack this office malarkey off, head to Heathrow, hop on the first flight to Lima and shred until our pants resemble a used beach towel.

But, maybe that's just us. Maybe the complete lack of Alpine action has turned our brains into a porridge-like mush. As per usual, let us know what you think by sticking Post-It Notes to pigeons and throwing them in our direction.

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