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Oman is one of the hottest countries on the planet, with temperatures tipping the mercury at a skin peeling 50 °C at times. Despite, or maybe because of this Dutch, company Unlimited Snow are building a 7000 square metre snowdome.

The project, costing a staggering $31 million has been given the go ahead by local authorities, who have presumably been attracted to the project by the success of the Ski Dubai indoor facility in the neighbouring country.

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Along with skiing and snowboarding, the centre will accommodate a massive range of winter activities, including ice climbing, caving, ice skating, bumper cars on ice, snow tubing on 13 separate slides, snow diggers, a 3D cinema, and more.

Now the go ahead has been granted, it's expected that the entire thing will take around about two years to build.

The company behind the project are also looking at sites to developed facilities in China, the USA and elsewhere in the Middle East. All of this makes us wonder whatever happened to the once promised state of the art snowdome that was going to be built in London.

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