If you hadn't noticed what an untold week it's been in the Winter Olympics, then you've seriously been missing out. We had the The Flying Tomato falling on his arse in a slushy halfpipe and not even medalling, and a Swiss/Russian artist formerly known as 'iPod' waltzing to victory, alongside Britain's first ever medal on the white stuff. Good times.

To explain the drama any further would be to give the game away - you're here because you want to test your knowledge right? Well we have just the thing in this week's Winter Olympic Quiz. All the answers can be found on MPORA or on Whitelines, and some of the questions will need you to do a bit of digging. If you get really stuck, then check out the clues.


Question 1: Iouri Poladchikov Wins Olympic Halfpipe

Question 2: Britain's Slopestyle Bronze Told in 15 Tweets

Question 3: The 5 Guys to Watch in Olympic Halfpipe

Question 4: The World Reacts to Their New Halfpipe Champion

Question 5: Sochi 2014 Meet the Medallists (Whitelines)

Question 6: Sochi 2014 Olympic Uniforms Ranked from Best to Worst

Question 7: Olympic Halfpipe Not Up to Competition Standard

Question 8: Britain's Slopestyle Bronze Told in 15 Tweets

Questions 9 & 10: Josh Christensen Leads USA Men's Olympic Skiing Slopestyle Clean Sweep

Good luck - and stay tuned for next week's quiz!